Photobook’s planned project

Full color 25cm x 20cm (10″ x 8″) Photobook Limited Edition about 50 pages – In PDF, Kindle/Mobi, ePub

May be subject to change

Because all the pictures were taken with a simple digital camera, the quality of the images does not allow for a printed book, so this book will exist only in digital format.

Main topics in plan

Urban slots

flat people living there?
Flat houses for flat people?

Tokyo is the largest and most dense megalopolis of the world, but has developed a skill that not many foreigners are aware: the ability to take full advantage of small spaces, although at the cost of livability and the rights of privacy.

Work in the Gaps

Sometimes the available space is so tight that to do their jobs they have to sacrifice their workspace too!

Creatures in the Gaps


Some photos

More details will come later

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