My name is Scigor, a Tokyo based Creative Visual Artist.
I am an experienced professional Artdesigner skilled in illustration, comics and character design, concept creations, graphic design, and many other areas, with an extensive background in fine art illustration and painting.

My primary weapons (and few others):

Analog: Iwata HI-LINE airbrush (and some Olympos Special), Maru-pen nib and Maxon screentone.
Digital: Self built PC, Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch, LG 34″ Curved 21:9 UltraWide.
Soft 2D/3D: CLIP STUDIO Paint EX, Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, WorldCreator 2.
Video/Audio: KDEnlive, DaVinci Resolve, Natron, Presonus Studio One, Audacity.
Others: Unreal Engine 4, Godot, Kit Scenarist, yWriter6.

To stay in touch, write me.

This Site

 Why i made Symbiotic Factory?

After a two long years we are still here, “children of the quake”.
Thankfully Tokyo suffered the less damage, but our hearts still shake  when we hear about some catastrophic forecasts on our destiny.

Every day the News try to warns us for the “inevitable” future, a 90% sure megaquake in the next 30 years (and a 40% in the next 2~3 years), all confirmed by my Embassy.
The estimates of deaths: 140.000 people… (most in the district where I live)

So I had a lot to think about in the last years; about me and my works, my art. A megaquake freak me out, but the worst part is that if i die, all my ideas, all my creations – the best and the worst – will die with me. So i decided to put online some of my ideas and sketches, little by little. Cannot be a bunch of random drafts, thus i made this website, and if in the meantime some of these projects can find a way to be developed, so be it.

Beware: these are “free to distribute and to spread” works (up to new licensing agreement), NOT “free to steal” works, thanks!


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