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My CASUAL reviews

I thought I’d write some reviews about products I use in my workflow, and about new and interesting things that come out.

First post on Patreon

A character from the graphic novel
This is my first post on Patreon and it’s public! This is one of the illustrations for FOUNDATIONS, during processing. I will post the finished color version as soon as it’s ready.

Max and the Moon

Max and the Moon: Acryl on board (airbrush) – 42cm X 29,7cm — 2001

Big, Fat, Eater

Big, Fat, Eater: Marker & Pastel on board – 42cm X 29,7cm – For Yomuri Shinbun Int. Contest — 2007

Tommy Gnosis 2007

Tommy Gnosis 2007: for Tommy Gnosis Studio – Digital illustration — 2006