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This project is an attempt to print my first Artbook, EROTESQUE, a limited edition of 40 pages with my best old works and a lot of new illustration to be made ONLY for this artbook.

This idea began in 2005, when I tried to find new inspirations to put on paper, but never took off.. I made the first 2~3 painting, some digital and some with traditional airbrushing, and I had some good feedback. But soon i realized that here, in Japan, the “traditional” illustrator job has come to an end, and most of the work goes to established artists or comic artists; the smallest publishing market take only young and fresh employees trained to be a perfect photoshop machine! Is not just my perspective but it’s a reality, many times emphasized by industry professionals and publishers.
So this project found his way to the oblivion of forgotten creations, until today.

What’s changed?

First digital painting made for the project, in 2005.
Technology and costs
At the beginning I used to work with a old Powermac G4 ( 17” CRT) and my Wacom Intuos 3. Hard times for my eyes! Frequently the time it takes for a digital painting exceeded the traditional one. While the cost and time for realizing an airbrushed illustration or a comic in a traditional way become difficult to sustain in off-peak periods. But now we can work digitally like on traditional way, thanks to jewelry like Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch (in my wishlist) and today digital power.
Short times and lower costs, and I can create also in my spare time without worries.
Crowdfunding boom
Crowdfunding system recently reached a huge popularity, even if in Japan is taking more time. I’m considering to use the most known in Japan, CAMPFIRE, because I cannot afford the production costs and publication by myself: I need new hardware and uninterrupted production time (as freelancer, If I don’t work, I don’t get paid…).
Unfortunately CAMPFIRE accept supporters only from Japan, and PayPal don’t accept donations (Japanese rules), but allow me to propose it to Japanese audience and publishers.
A lot of fresh ideas
Is self-explanatory.
If you are interested in my project and want support me, but you don’t live in Japan, follow the sharing indication, spread the word, buy my products on Symbiotic store or order a DeviantArt print; soon I will provide digital downloads to buy with PayPal, as wallpapers and images. If the crowdfunding is successful I will provide, to those who supported me, a printable version in PDF free of charge!
Also if you are interested in sponsorship, I’m open to any suggestion!

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